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Yay!! 3 Vids Live!

I write better music than edit videos. But in my defense, I am learning. Slowly.

3 more in the pipe coming next!

This was a blast! I Love Giallo. I grew up on Fulci & Argento.

Source material is an obscure 60's genre flic called 'The Bloody Pit of Horror'. Yeah.

But, despite the sexploitation part, I grew to really love the original through its unapologetic camp & straight faced schlock.

Puppets freak me out. Like big time.

Ergo, I make a creepy puppet vid to a bubbly song. Confrontation mechanism I guess? Idk.

The first vid I made. Sourced from a 2011 ISS mission to shoot low light camera footage of Earth through many revolutions.

The original was kinda choppy (at least my source copy was), my cut is more so.

Despite's my fumbling, though, I am just in awe of the majesty of this place we call home. Lets please not fuck it up.

Even more.

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